Our staff stands ready to handle your appraisals assignment in a timely and professional manner. We compile appraisals of all types. Our agricultural appraisal experience includes dairies, cattle feedlots, hog confinements, poultry units, turkey units as well as all types of unimproved farm appraisals. Our commercial appraisal experience is vast and has included funeral homes, car washes, restaurants, convenience stores, hardware stores, insurance agencies, bowling alleys, ready-mix concrete plants, feed mills, golf courses, grain elevators, motels/hotels, resorts, livestock auction marts, gravel quarries, rock quarries and more. Our residential experience includes single family, multi-family, assisted living, independent living facilities, nursing homes and more. We handle a broad range of chattel appraisals including farm equipment, construction equipment, medical equipment, manufacturing equipment and more. Finally our staff is experienced at providing complete business valuations.

General / Commercial / Residential / Farm Engagement Letter

Get an appraisal for general or commercial property.

Appraisal Services

Commercial / Business

Apartment Complexes
Bowling Alleys
Car Washes
Churches, Schools, and Day Care Centers
Ready Mix Concrete Plants
Convenience Stores
Ethanol and Bio-Diesel Facilities
BRAD Methane Digester
Food Grade Processing Plants
Feed Mills
Funeral Homes
Golf Courses
Grain Elevators
Gravel Quarries
Rock Quarries
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted and Independent Living Centers
Dementia Care Units
MFG Facilities up to 500,000 SF
Retail Facilities of all Types
Livestock Auction Marts
Livestock Collection Stations
Auto Dealerships
Farm Equipment Dealerships
Lumber Centers
Restaurants of all types (Fast food, sit down, steak houses, lounges)
Truck Terminal Complexes
And More…


Cattle Confinements and Open Feedlots
DNR Acquisitions
Farm Acquired with FSA Assistance
Yellow Book Appraisals
Highly Improved Farms
Unimproved Farms
Acreages of all Types
Hog Confinement Units: Finishers, Farrowing, Gestation, Nurseries
Poultry Units: Layer, Grower, and Broiler Units
Turkey Units
WRP Farms
And More…


Single Family
Assisted and Independent Living Centers
Nursing Homes
Rural Residential Properties / Acreages
And More…


Farm Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Construction Equipment
Funeral Home Furnishings
Medical Equipment
Retail/Office Furnishings
Restaurant Equipment
And More…

Comparable Sales

Our firm maintains extensive databases from small communities to large metropolitan areas. We have comps that pertain to almost all property types and an extensive associate list we can reference for those harder to compare properties.


We are licensed in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. We’ve completed appraisals in several other states (via temporary licensing) including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, North Dakota, Kansas, Georgia, Indiana, West Virginia, Vermont, and Wyoming. Within the state of Iowa, we have completed appraisals in 88 of the 99 counties; in South Dakota 35 of the counties, in Nebraska 34 of the counties, in Minnesota 27 of the counties.  Regardless of your location, contact our Appraisal Coordinator today for a no obligation fee quote on an appraisal of your property.