Funeral Home Appraisals

Rich Vander Werff, MSA, CAI, Certified General Real Property Appraiser, specializes in funeral home appraisals.He has earned a reputation for professional, prompt, and accurate appraisals.Rich is licensed in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Through reciprocity, temporary licensing is available for most other states.

We understand your industry and will work within the demands of your business and schedule. We offer competitive pricing and 100% confidentiality. The onsite inspection will be coordinated around the scheduling of your business.

Our funeral home appraisal experience has allowed us to archive extensive data bases which we utilize in the preparation of appraisals. This data includes actual sales prices, capitalization rates, expense ratios, Gross Income Multipliers, Monthly Net Revenue Multipliers, Annual Owners Cash Flow multipliers and more. Our comparable sales include “going concern” (real estate, furnishings, inventory and intangibles) as well as real estate only. We have several sources to stay current with present values for vehicles, furnishings, prep room equipment and more.

In determining the replacement costs for the new building structures, we utilize Marshall Swift Valuation Services. Marshall Swift is a national cost estimating firm, and recognized as the leader in the industry. We supplement this data, with our own RCN information compiled by actual appraisals of new funeral home structures.

With this information, we can complete:

*Full business appraisals
*Real estate only
*Rolling stock and furnishings
*And any combination of the above

We can complete appraisals on your funeral home for:

*Financing purposes (we are certified appraisers, all appraisals comply with USPAP and can be tailored to meet the needs of your lender)
*Determining market value for sale purposes
*Transfer of stock/ownership
*Insurance valuation
* Estate planning, including gifting
* Other purposes

Appraisal Services


Scott Erickson of Loess Hills Funeral Home 712-527-5241

Todd Schneider of Schneider Funeral Homes 913-352-6101

John Folsom, President, Bank Plus
1202 Central Ave, Estherville, Iowa    712-362-5000

Dick Palmatier, First National Bank, Mankato, Minnesota 507-625-1121

Meyer Brothers Funeral Homes, Sioux City, Iowa   712-255-0131

John Osterberg of Osterberg Funeral Homes 507-847-3300

Doug Carlsen of Carlsen Funeral Home


We are licensed in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. We’ve completed appraisals in several other states (via temporary licensing) including Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, North Dakota, Kansas, Georgia, Indiana, and Wyoming. Within the state of Iowa, we have completed appraisals in 88 of the 99 counties; in South Dakota 35 of the counties, in Nebraska 34 of the counties, in Minnesota 27 of the counties.  Regardless of your location, contact our Appraisal Coordinator today for a no obligation fee quote on an appraisal of your property.

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If you have any additional questions, or would like a price quote for appraisal work please feel free to contact us. 
Additional references and sample appraisals are available for prospective clients upon request.
Please contact the Appraisal Coordinator, at (712) 729-3264, or email her at